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Insomnia and compassion

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Insomnia and compassion

Driving through the valley observing the majesty of Trees and the energy of Nature…

I suddenly understood everything.

My co-driver was telling me a true story he witnessed a day go, about a doctor who spoke how they are going to operate a 25-year-old mother, pregnant with a baby, who has cancer. And has one 1 year old at home.

They will do their best….but…

And I felt admiration for him. I understood why doctors are so pissed off at people, who in their eyes are completely irresponsible by not following their orders.

They are trained to save lives. At any costs.

And they are good at it.

And they don't have the luxury of a doubt..

When you are saving lives, doubt is a distraction that often can cost a life.

The very life you are trying to save

And I understood people at the v accinati on centre who don’t really believe that the vacc ine will work, but they just want to go on with their lives.

And feed their families.

And I understood ( some of the leaders) doing their utmost to prevent another epidemic. Real or imagined.

It does not matter..

Fear is real no matter what.

And fear kills.

Swiftly and immediately.

I kind of also understood scientists, who trust science, its who they are and it’s what they do.

And they also don’t think their well thought out arguments should be questioned.

For them It's a war.

You are either with them..

or against them.

And they are certain, they are saving thousands.

And I understood myself.

Knowing that I don’t know. (at least not rationally)

And that all my years of thinking and arguing amount to nothing.

Even if I still had the time and the will to figure things out..

I couldn’t.

There is too much data and information.

And disinformation.

And counter information

And whatnot.

But I saw the Trees.

And I felt expanded.

And I felt understanding and even a bit compassion.

For the Doctor.

For the Mother.

For the scientist.

For the parent wondering what to do.

And lastly

For myself.

And the Trees were silently swinging in the wind.

And but for a moment.

I felt peace.

Peace of the deep woods to you!

And may your heart open and make this age of insomnia and insanity

A bit more


(c) Samo Bohak July 2021.

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