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Just sitting

Just sitting

An elf's haiku

Do not try to be buddha,

if you are really an elf.

Elf is buddha

The Buddha is elf

What maters is love your (s)elf.

How about you sit with it?

Or stand with it.

Or walk with it.

Or do whatever you are doing, feeling it, allowing it and not reacting.

And letting it go.

And then when it comes back, noticing it and letting it go again.

How about you make your life a living breathing meditation?

Allowing all life to come and go.

As it pleases, not judging it, not wanting to change it.

Not wanting or needing nothing.

Just being.

As you are in the midst of things, doing everything that is needed and all that brings you joy

and consequently joy to the world?

How about doing it every day, for the rest of your life and beyond, and then while in the bardo and beyond?

And just like never stop.

To enlightenment and beyond.

Would that not be a worthy cause

to sit with?

And a precondition before taking on any other cause


Sit with it

and let me know.

The gentle angels of the present


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