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Keeping it together (A New Earth

Keeping it together

(A New Earth)

No, we can't hold it together.

and its ok.

We are not meant to,

hold it together.

We are meant to blast it,

to smithereens.

So when it call comes together again,

in due time.

It will be by the laws of Nature,

that the web of life,

will be woven.

As it should be,

as it always has been,

before we started

this madness,

we call “civilization”.

There is nothing civil about it.

Not really.

All the good things,

can still work,

even when,

we let go

of all the structures.

All structures are unstable,

a wise men said once.

Don't try

to keep it together.

It would be like ,


to empty the sea,

or count the grain of sand on the beach.

Instead :

See heaven in a grain of sand,

and the world in a wild flower.

Hold eternity in the palm your hand,

and infinity in an hour.

Turn around the old poems

and write some new.

The New Earth is here,

on a day with a clear mind,

I can see her


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