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Learning to walk: On failure

Learning to walk: On failure

"Don't try to escape from failure.

Feel every moment of it

and let it motivate you for future success." (paraphrased)

Tim Kennedy

You learn from failure.

Every single harrowing moment of it.

And I mean real failure.

Not small failures.

Not getting what you want, or loosing this or that race.

I mean :

Like failing at things that so matter so much that it makes you want to disappear, and craw in fetal position and just cry and beg for death.

Like watching someone you dearly love, get hurt by your actions and being to weak, ignorant arrogant to stop.

Or failing to save a life, (in some way shape or form)

When you could.

Or failing to learn and listen, when heavens were speaking to you, and you just didn't or could not listen.

Or whatever your version of it is.

And yes, in a cosmic sense, there is no failure, and we all learn and it is al good,

But don't be too fast to jump to that, that is spiritual bypassing at it's worst.

Or just plain old denial.


Feel it, feel every second of it, embrace it and viscerally remember.

But don't judge yourself or add suffering to it.

That is optional.

Find a middle ground.

Remember your greatest fuckups.

Not to blame yourself or carry them around in your cells.

It is for the complete opposite.

When new stronger winds come, when darkness beckons, when madness threatens, when the centre does no longer hold.

You will remember the lesson.

You will remember the pain.

And you will re-member

That you made it out

And this will give you the will and the power

and perseverance

to get through

just about

whatever comes.


And then, when al of that is said and done,

forgive yoursef..

and Basically : bring it ALL to wisdom. :)

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