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Lesson Nr. 1

Lesson Nr. 1

Learn from EVERYONE!

The Tibetan Lama, the Bhutanese cool guy, the Slovenian Lama, who thinks she is not a Lama.

The grand majestic Sufi, who follows and pronounces the Sunnah.

The crazy wisdom bloke, who would never call himself a Sufi, and is destroying delusions by wit nad humour.

You ex-girlfriend, who knows things you cannot even dream of,

and you will have time to digest all the wisdom

in the next 100 years,

and or 16 lifetimes.

Your dog, on how to be happy and how to set limits.

Your anam cara, sitting, having coffee, he always pays for.

Your sensei, without whom you mind would be all over the place.

The guy without a leg, who reminds you to be grateful you have two!

Your mother, your father, your brothers and your cousins.

On how to give, and how not to give too much and how it is not all about the money, and how some if it is.

On the simple life, and the good things in Slovenian culture, and the not so helpful ones.

Learn all the time, from everyone.

Much more than you teach.

And if you really have to "teach" lead by example ,smile a lot,

and it is best to, falling short of silence,

to write poetry.

For even if you completely miss the point (which you often do)...

there is Beauty and fun.

And that, in itself, brings a neurotic battered mind

to a still


Even if ,


your own.

And once you have taken in all the Teachings,

let them all go

and start again.

For you and all of them and everyone might be "wrong"

For it is all just a pint of


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