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Lesson Nr. 2

Lesson Nr. 2

"My heart belongs to God, and is at peace with all things, and expresses love for all beings, in all ways, at all times, in every direction, on every level, for every connection." -Ger Lyons

Learn from EVERYBODY!

Yes ,everyone little one.

Everyone has something to teach you.

The bearded man on facebook, he could be Odin, and he probably is.

The lady on bus complaining about how Maribor does not breathe anymore.

She could be Nature, screaming at the madness we have created.

The lady complaining about the irresponsible worker.

She could be the organizing principle od Order, that some people, caught in addictions

badly need.

As you know yourself.

The lady that "talks too much), She could be the voice of inquiry, that is taking you deeper

to yourself.

Beside all the formal teachers that you take your training from.

LIFE will teach you.

Life will initiate you

Life will do its job,

and see, if all the teaching you received

is of any worth.

And more importantly:

If you mastered

the lessons.

As dramatic as it sounds: it just might be a matter of Life and Death.

And the real test is how you managed to glide between them

with grace and


And once that is achieved, you get to play, and have fun and “do what thou will”, for at that point, you will take ownership, for all that you are and harming none will be a matter of

Embodying God’s will on earth.

See you there little one!

Enjoy the climb!

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