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Letting go

Letting go

"It has nothing to do with anything you have ever known." Sai Maa on Enlightenment.

It is the letting go.

It is the letting to of all the people you loved so dearly, and you still do.

It is the letting go of all the Teachers you so respected., and yet you still learn from them, you actually just started.

It is the letting go, of all the parts of yourself, the good the bad and the ugly.

And all in between.

It is the letting go, of all the ideas of who you are , have been, will be, could have been, might have been, still hope you could once be.

It is the letting go of all of that an more.

This is the place, where the is less and less of you and more and more of That.

Or even if you is still there, it is used, for That to come through.

This is maybe not a bad way to live what you call " a life"

And then let go of that :)

with love and letting go

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