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Life so far Part I

Life so far

Part I.

I have lived a good life.

And I have not even started.

I lived, I loved, I lost and created epic fuckups that defy description.

I have broken windows in rage and I have sat by people who wept their heart out.

And I wept, when nothing else was left.

I have sat in darkness and been swalllove by it and taken by it and I have came to the edge of madness

and sometimes beyond.

And I dance with the darked and I have met, many a creature.

And I have been saved.

And I have crawled out of mud.

And fell back in.

And broke my pride, my balls, my teeth and bones and my mind.

On the hards tone of Mount Life

as a band once sung.

And yet:

I rise.

And smile through the tars and the madness and se the Glory of the Lord which is, as a saint once said :


Nothing changed.

we keep going.

Come life:

Let's DANCE!

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