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Lighthouse journey

Lighthouse journey

"Your enemies of yesterday are now phantoms in the sky, family.." Dr.Mumbi Seraki

And yes you will meet trauma,

and yes you will met drama.

And you will get caught up

with many strang things

as you


As Dr Zeuss pointed out.

And things will get weird.

And perhaps crazy.

And maybe beyond belief.

And all of that

will be,

just what you have created for yourself,

to understand the depth

and the widh of human suffering.

And it will keep you

less arrogant,

and more compassionate;

in the knowing,

that things are not what they seem.

And all we are

is just all we are.

And as you meet

the courage

of your vulnerability.

Something beautiful will begin to happen...

And the plains of Eire,

and the rocks of the Land of Ice and Fire,

and even Lemuria,

and all the magical places

waiting for you...

Will shine their light :)

and you my little lightouse..

will smile back at them

and start

the greatest story



Meeting your soul

and dance into

the Light.

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