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Lullaby for Ukraine

You know what


I cannot stand by and watch thousands of innocent people being slaughtered.

For no other reason than rotten geo politics.

And I cannot stand to see another war, turning into it's perpetual


I have seen the Streets of Sarajevo

and I have seen what war has done.

I fear Ukraine is a horrid future Doppelganger,

of a tale that should be told as a cautionary tale

to make sure it NEVER happens again!

I don't have the geo-political answers.

I do not know how to solve the fucking mess, that war always is.

I do not know what to do, I am not sure what would help.

But I know, I CANNOT look away.

Even if I wanted to.

I pray to God and all the Gods and I pray that you pray to yours

that this madness ends.

And when it does, when the calculations of geopolitical madness, turn..

We will do everything we possibly can,

to heal: the land, the people and the soul of Ukraine.

And when that is done, also the souls of zombified soldiers from the other side,

who have no idea,

what they were lead


This is not a political song.

It a very loud human cry of


And a prayer to Great spirit, to help me clearly see, know, feel and recognize

what needs

to be done.

Even if, it just to write poetry, pray, donate a dime,

and hope that not all hope is lost.

And the tunnel will lead to something

that will one day



God bless those who stand and not fall,

God bless those who heal, the bodies, the souls and the hearts

of this broken down Land,

still not




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