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Madman of M

Madman of M

OK little one.

It is defintely time.

To give all the pompous "offerings".

As the Great Cohen sang :" Forget your perfect offering, there is a crack, a crack in everythig, it's how the Light gets in.

Talking about the Light, philosophizing on the Light, attempting to achieve what you think Light is...

is worth (much) less than a bone that Kunley's dog chewed on.

And the plastic your dogs chews to bits dailly.

The mad jogi understood what you yet don't.

And don't berate yourself for it.

That would be another trick of the mind.

Runes were "stolen" from the void by the Scream of bearded one.

The Prophet was in great distress, as the angel commanded him to recite.

And Yeshua, did not have it easy, for few people were ready to receive the Teaching.

See the Teaching in everything and everyone, give up all preconcieved notions of what you call "right" and "swrong"

and aim to wander aimlessly in the Geround of Being,

for the sheer joy if it.

For not all who wander are lost.

And God bless the libraries! And the librarians.

For Tir Na Nog is still in your back


Even if you miss it, far too


And little one, let the better angels of your nature guide the Way.

And let the rest to ancestral wisdom, truth of the Thunderbolt, the Sun and the Moon and think of the Hooded one.

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