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Madness and liberation

Madness and liberation

The GIFT of thinking that you are crazy, realizing you are not, thinking that you are not, realizing you are;

then thinking you don't know, realizing you do , and thinking you know, and realizing you don't….

then watching the whole world totally going batshit crazy around you, thinking they are being rational…

and watching some people being totally rational thinking they are crazy and all the variations of this IS :

That sometimes you can tell the difference.

Not in any objective way, because at this point the mental imbalances are at all time high..

but in more general personal subjective way.

Is my heart more open or closed?

Am I benefiting society with my actions and words?

Am I a relatively functioning adult?

Is this bringing through more love, more light and generally uplifting everyone around me?

Can I become aware of my state and objectively analyse it?

Do I have control over it or does it control me?

These are just few pointers, not a general inclusive list.

It is a good starting point, as for the rest, as Yeshua said : "By their fruits ye shall know them".

Don't obsess at mentally figuring things out:

Look at the results.

This will tell you more than anything


p.s. this a personal poetic exploration and is in no way to be treated as medical or psychological advice.

Though some of the best psychologist, like Jung, walked on the edge of madness and brough back treasures.

But they could control the madness, and not let the madness control them.

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