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Magic(k)al Living

It is time for Magic(k)al Living.

I do not mean a little magic here and there.,

I do not mean occasional adventure every few years.

Nor do I mean a bit of surrender when forced to do so.

All that is good and nice, but it will NOT be enough.

It will simply not do.

Whether we like it or not (and parts of us surely don't).

It is Volcano explosive time.

It is the Sun scorching the earth to burn away the falsehood,

It is the Tornadoes tearing apart our solidified ideas of who and what we are, what this world is all about.,

It is the Storms that are not coming but are here, setting us free from all the small ideals of who we THINK we are.

We have two choices: live a small life and then be dragged into a bigger one, little by little, kicking and screaming.

Painfully having our illusion and delusion ripped from our bosom.

Or one big, intense, but ultimately gentle


It can come in many ways.

And the eruption of a volcano.

A Hailstorm.

A Lightning bolt of Awareness.

Odin cries.

The Raven's flight.

Whirling and spinning of the runes on the Web of Wyrd.

Which is ultimately calling us back


Will you jump, or will you be dragged?

The ride will be bumpy either


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