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Marathon of Life

It is about growing up.

And about realizing, that things often dont, or almost never do, go as you planned.

And that trying to control existence, will just take you of the Path.

Everyday mind is the Path.

Said a marathon monk, a long time ago.

We create ritals, to control the chaos;and it s good that we do so, for us, ignorant, weak creatures often need some consolation.

We find it in the ilusion, that the chaos can be controlled.

Perhaphs it can be temporarily kept at bay, untill we are ready for

True Freedoom.

And that is what the Buddha taught.

It is what the Great Liberation

is all about.

OK Life,

I am the Great Pretender,

and it is about time,

we step into the River,

and see what happens


noomaku sanmanda

bazaradan senda


sowataya un tarata kanman

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