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Materina dušica A mother's tiny soul On Yeshua, Christmas, Sacred Lands, the Awe of God, and the Magic of Tea

He was going to write on the true history of Jesus and the templars and how the whole story about him is made up.

And how the institution is a pale shadow of what the Mater taught and how just about all of the male disciples of Christ completely misunderstood him.

And how Mary of Magdala was the one who truly understood Master’s teaching

and about much of what would be considered conspiracy by many small-minded intellectuals.

But then he made himself a cup of tea.

And it was wild mountain thyme, or so the translation on the box said, but in his language, the herb was called "mother's tiny soul" and it sounded much more poetic in his language.

It was "materina dušica" and it was a sort of sweetness and gentleness and kindness in the name.

And all of the mothers and grandmothers from eons of time who would pick these herbs came to mind.

And all the grandfathers who would walk those ancient hills in silence and reverence for Nature.

And how this little piece of land he lived on, as small-minded as people who have forgotten who they are can be.

is as sacred and holy as any holy place on earth.

And the other day he read that the true meaning of Yerushalayim was the "AWE" of God. There are many translations and ways of interpreting it, and he was not qualified to give them.

But what struck him, was the idea this was not merely a physical place, but a state of consciousness.

To live in full and pure and complete AWE of God, in the exhilaration of His presence, and total humility for HIS will to be done.

this was probably the state in which Master lived.,

And this was probably the state the Holy Mother abided in.

And it was probably the state of all the Saints and Sages of all times and all traditions aspired to achieve.

And he thought to himself, that perhaps instead of proving this or that, or arguings against this or that,

he could pray to be in that stay day and night

and lose and release and let go of everything that would keep him from that.

And that, even if it was an unattainable goal for a mere mortal.

Was a beautiful goal to follow.

And he was quite sure if everyone or at least enough of us could live in that state.

all wars would cease immediately,

And all who would aim to do harm would simply be unable to by the sheer amount of Light flowing through

our bodies souls and minds.

He made another sip of tea and smiled at whatever holy soul gave him this inspiration.

This is going to be his intention for Christmas

And he was quite sure

the Mater of the Light would


And the Divine mother would bless his tiny little "dušica"

with drops of morning dew and light a hundred million


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