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Me and my father are One

"I came forth from the Father and have come into the world; I am leaving the world again and going to the Father.”

John 16:28

You try so hard not to be like your father.

After you tried so hard to be like him.

And in the end, after you have worked through the dark sludge of ancestral trauma, or at least a good part of it, a larger chunk than you thought you ever will..

you can proclaim, with the Great Shaman Luka Bloom: THE MAN IS ALIVE!

ALIVE in Me..

You don't have to lose your father as a kid, like my father did, to understand what Luke is singing about.

And with all the sins that the patriarchy is accused of (real and imagined), you are almost afraid to step up

and be Man. (you still do and take the flack, it is what men do)

Not even to be a king; just a man.

If you do it properly,

it is more than enough.

And as the last crumbling empire is given to an old king, who probably does not want to be a king anyway..

I wonder if it is not time for for the age of Man.

So let all Men be Kings until kingdom come!

And may we learn to respect our fathers, and the Path they have trodden,

so we could even start walking


And maybe my path is just to plant sees, after healing the roots of my Healingtree.

So I can leave behind some Beauty for my descendants..

I think that is a worthwhile goal

and something worth dedicating a life to..

And grow strong, wise and kind enough to say :


Knowing full well

the magnitude of what

is coming.

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