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Mythmaking II

Mythmaking II

"We are both living on second chances anyway."

So fuck it.

The Warrior Nun

You know, epic love stories are not really opposed to a real, casual, normal life.

they are what fuels it and allows it to exist.

Myths are not real or unreal

they are beyond real.

They expand our understanding of "reality".

We just focus on the wrong things.

It is not about the girl, or the castle, nor the prince or a horse.

It is about courage, bravery, Love, and surrender.

It is about sacrifice and following your own Path.

It is about finding your (s)elf through trial and error

and immaturity

and sheer stupidity.

It is all part of it.

They include all and exclude nothing.

Hollywood has stolen the essence of our Myths and made it into bedtime stories.

Sanitized version of the real thing

As bard said once :

Find your fairy tales!

Read them out to your children

share the myths with your youth

and make sure

the so-called


find the magic hiding in plain


in their sacred



And if you are mad enough, crazy enough, and stubborn enough..

Make your own and a little bit

to the mountain of


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