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New year's resolutions

New year's resolutions

Yes, the world we live in is, to a large degree, sick and toxic.

And it is filled with people who do their best, and beyond, not to do their worst.

And that takes super human stregnth.

And at one point, it becomes your duty, and privilege, to do what is needed; that is, to not add insult to injury, by throwing some of your pain unto others.

But be(come) the buckstopper.

Take a deep breath.

And not react.

And this is the start of all healing.

And what you need to do to be able to achieve that...

Is just what you need to do.

Be it cold showers.


Lots of reading.

Sparring with friends.

Prayers to all that IS.

And whatnot.

All of that is required, untill it is no longer required.

And then you have a privilge to call yoursel a Man or a Woman.

(and ignore the bickering around genders, that is mostly a mind made a distraction)

Do your little bit, to lessen the suffering of mankind.

Starting with your (s)elf.

Close in, not taking the second step, or the next, but start with the ground you know, as the poet said and start

with what you have where you are, as another wise man said.

And inviting all the wise men and women into your circle

going towards

The ONE.

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