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Notes from the under-ground

Notes from the under-ground

Because the Truth is that you cannot really inhabit God

until you fully inhabit your body.

And the only way to gain true power, is to feel, address, not react and transmute all the triggers that come up.

And see them as valued respected guests, still, at the same time not allowing them to mess up your house.

It is gentle think, and you could only do it in Ireland,

because She is gentle enough.

And it is ok, to sit by the fire for as long as needed and not be bothered.

Find a way to do that in the right here and the right now.

Walk to the inner fire of your Presence and let it burn aways all the things that no longer serve you.

Share ALL of you, and I mean all of YOU!

Not only the ideas you think might qualify you, for being honest.

But let the gentle animal of your body love what it loves

and makes it safe for her.

Little one,

this is your adventure.

And it does have to be walking through hell (again), though that also has to be accepted.

It is your great and grand

Neverending story.


you can fly on and with your magical dog

and purr like a cat

in pleasure.

As you allow yourself to be ALL

that you can be.

Now open the magic book of your body

and see what guilt and shame needs to be loved next.

AS you live your daily life, chopping wood and carrying water.

Because this very body is the buddha.

All else, is but writings on

the water.

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