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Ode to the ONE

Everything is a prayer.

Yes everything.

The way you make love.

The way you make "war".

The way you breathe.

The way you hold your breath.

THe way you lose meaning.

The way you find yourself again.

The way you slide through the vicissitudes of life, dance on the edge of a knife and live to tell the tale.

The way you stay silent when you could speak.

The way you speak, even if your head is at stake.

The way they "burn you at the stake" for being who you are.

The way you are re-born every single day.

And the way you "die" daily.

Even your perceived "fuckups".

It is ALL a PRAYER to the one from which all prayer came and to whom all prayers are returned.

And he the one doing the praying and doing the receiving.

He is the first and the last and has power of Everything.

And YOU are NOT SEPARATE FROM "Him", from the Force that created and is creating everything.,

With every gifted


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