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On Dreams and what matters

On Dreams

and what matters

Yes you ARE allowed to have dreams!

Even if, the world tries to enforce nightmares on you.

It doesn't matter.

And there is nothing glorious about the fall of America,

Yes the Empire must fall, and the Borg must be eliminated, so we can regain our basic humanity,

BUT the beautiful people living there, have little to do with it.

They themselves have been taken over the corps of rations (corporations) and they forgot who the are.

But the old gods are still there, underneath the surface.

And even if they have to make a ruckus, coming out through people of not so evolved consciousness, to put it lightly..

Their comeback is imminent.

I would watch out for the come back

of the Hooded one.

And see how Robin the Hood will incarnate himself again.

The old ones are waiting.,

Don't keep them waiting

for too


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