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On Empires

I never particularly liked empires.

At least not in this lifetime.

My grandfather fought for one, he probably believed he was doing the righ thing, they said it was God's will,

and you did not mess with what said at that time.

Then another evil empire came in and wanted to make us slaves.

And another grandfather became a messenger, carrying messages for the guerrilla fighter in the forest,

who, with no skill, little weapons and and an iron will, eventually won.

And then the war was won and came in "FREEDOM" and "EQUALITY" and such. And anyone who disagreed ended up in the

ditch, shot by believers in another cross that believed they were doing the right thing.

And then this empire fell and another, this time "truly benevolent" came in and told us they are here to bring

another kind of "FREEDOOM"

And that was not as brutal, but much more effective in making us slaves again.

So I wonder, what would it take for us to embody freedom?

And what would it take to recognise the BORG and fight them with weapons of Truth, Joy, Beauty and consciousness?

What would it take to shine our light so bright, that the BORG become old rust.

What would Jean LUC do?

HE would probably have some tea.

THink deeply

and then do the impossible.

Before breakfast.

Well my dears, it is time for the impossible.

Anything else will simply not


See you on the other side.

Samo from the line of Bohak

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