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On sexuality

On sexuality

Sexual energy is something we don't really understand (me included).

Conservatives are afraid of it and want to control it, because they are aware of its power.

Liberals want to dissect and study it and do it all the time, and both attempts fail.

Simply because Sex(uality) has (almost) nothing to do with the mind.

It has everything to do with energy and Nature.

Trying to understand it is like taking apart Mona Lisa to find the Beauty in it.

This is not an attempt to explain it.

As I have said: it is impossible.

It is a sacred, intimate, subtle experience.

Not matter how gentle our rough it is done.

We are so focused on the bodily urges ,or mental projections that we miss the whole thing.

Even when we try to do tantra, we just do more work to get more pleasure out of it and completely miss the ecstasy inherent in it.

A prehistoric man without language or concepts knew more about it that all our so called modern science and theory.

Yes let that sink in.

We have to “re-learn” realize, re-store the connection to our bodies, souls and the sacred. It has nothing to do with religion or new age.

It is the Way of Nature.

This is no a treatise to be discussed, but a jolt of energy to wake us all (including me) up.


Because a lot of suffering, abuse, rape, genocide and all kinds of horrible shit is happening because of mis-use, ab-use and mis-understanding of sexual energy.

My late colleague Samo Resnik said that if you really want to understand a dictator : look at his sex life.

He did not mean, that you ought to gloss over it, like the do tabloids. (another abuse of sexual energy)

He probably meant : look what they do with the energy.

Nazis manipulated sexual energy.

The Catholic Church is based on it.

A lot of new Age so called healing is an attempt to escape it, not adress it and it ends up as complete fuck up.

Know yourself, know your body, know the Energy.

I have no idea how.

Your body does.

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