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On hope and why one should never loose it

So I watched the Outlander. Glued to the screen throughout the new year. I had a finger that hurt and the other hand that was not quite well. Nothing dangerous and it was a result of stupidity and seeds of rage that stem from God knows where.

And I was charmed. By the standing stones, and the Scottish druids and the lasses and the lads and the stories how it was all interwoven with ideas and fables from my own journey.

And it was beautiful and lovely and mighty.

But I had no idea about the healing hidden in it.

Not until the end.

Not until the graphic scenes of torture and step by step presentation on how to break the unbreakable.

A made up story, but probably truer than true.

In might have happened to thousands of highlanders who would not give up nor surrender.

They needed to be broken.

And yes there are ways to break a man, no matter how great his courage, how marvelous his strength, how deep his wisdom or how full his surrender is.

But there are also ways to heal things that seem beyond healing.

It cannot be done by any spell, technique, intellectual exercise, philosophy, religion, spirituality or similar.

All of that can or not be of help or assistance.

But ultimately as the main character puts it : You cannot save a man that does not want to live.

Perhaps dying for a cause is commendable thing to do.

But living when one finds little or no reason to live

takes much more


I am not writing this to proclaim I did it, or how difficult it might have been or anything similar.

It is a mere realisation.

That as cliché as it sounds:

Healing comes from within.

It is not like in the movies , there is no happy end after a few scenes nor is it magical or miraculous as some would like to paint the scenes of redemption.

But it is possible.

It works.

If you work it.

Trust me.

I cannot and will not convince you of it.

You have to do it yourself.

You have to choose to live and choose to do it every single day of your life.

This and only this might help you to drive away the demons that posses your mind, real or imagined.

This is not a wake up call, time for that is long gone.

It is a guarantee.

That if you can't or wont muster the strength to do it

Someone else will have to

And there will be less and less good men (or women) left

And we will have a much harder time shining that little light that is left

In the darkness that beckons.

So what are you going to do?

The choice is yours.

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