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Prayer warrior(s)

"We keep the sacred safe.

(even from ourselves if neet be)

Inside and outside.

It is who we are.

We are everywhere."

I am a prayer warrior.

I pray all the time.

Not because I would think It would somehow make me special.

Or not because I think it would add anything to my person.

Simply because, most of the time

I had no choice.

It was what kept me alive.

And I also pray with joy gratitude, when I don't need to...

but Truth be told : I was (and still am) and arrogant knowitall, who would not pray a word,

no matter what.

And then everything changed.

But this is another story.

I am thinking about my grandmother, who would pray the rosary constantly, or so I was told.

Her name was Neža, the gentle one.

I don't remember much, but a photo of how she would held me on her lap as a baby, I was smiling.

Her prayers are surely still protecting me.

And then my maternal grandmother, Oma, I called her.

Her name was Mary.

And she would tell me to pray, long before I would begin to listen.

And both of them were prayer warriors.

And they were also women of God, and practical keepers of the house.

Like Mary was.

Prayer was not separate from life, nor the other way around.

They had to do the impossible and pray as they went along, and do it with a smile on their face.

I am grateful for the Path they have trodden and it gives me strength and joy to be a part of such a grand lineage.

Nothing royal there and yet, what could be more royal than

keeping the channel to God open.

Which is what Royalty was intended to do in the first place.

I honour you Marija.

I honour you Neža.

I am still here because of your prayers.

I will keep the fire of prayer lit,

in the seemingly dark times.

Till dawn's early Light.


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