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Radical Gentleness

Radical Gentleness

We will learn to live with it.

Whatever it is.

The pandemic,

the failure of politics,

the climate dis-aster.

With the all of it and more,

that we may yet have

in store.

We will learn to live with it,

which does not mean,

we will grow apathetic,

or give up,

or bow down.

Quite the opposite :

we will learn

to do what needs to be done,

on the go,

and let go

and let God;

if you believe in one.

Or better,

we will flow,

with the radical gentleness

of out own Nature.

And as we follow the ancient pathways

of our our very veins;


to the very hear if Good,

and all the Goodness,

that is still,

despite all the madness,

inherently there.

And is ALWAYS available.

For God ,

whatever way you imagine him,

or her,

or the Great mystery

is very much ALIVE.

And so are we.

It is time,

to awaken the ancient magic,

of resilience,

humble perseverance,

and radical


It about the only thing that might,

make the all pervasive Magic

in the ether


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