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Shelter from the Storm

It seems it is time to make peace with all parts of myself.

As the Storms calms down (even for a day or two or a half-a day), there is a brief window of awareness,

where things can be seen for what they are.

And I think it is truly time to make peace with all parts of myself.

Samo the anarchist intellectual who tried to change the world, but almost destroyed himself.

Samo the overconfident master of the universe who wanted to start a family with a person deeply loved, but had no idea who he is, what love is,

how relationships work and last but not lease : he did not know himself.

Samo the gypsy traveller who though he was travelling the world seeking wisdom and knowledge, but was (also) running from himself.

Samo the wannabe zen master, who sat still, torturing himself, when he really wanted to dance (sitting still in the presence of bodhisattvas is still preferable to doing stupid things)

Samo the 10x Bruce Lee who would want to start a fight with half of the world, to prove how strong he was.

Samo the great Exorcist who would banish all the darkness from everyone, so he would not have to face his own.

And last but not least, Samo the little one, who is trying to make sense why this world is so ugly and when there is so much Beauty available,

I love you all little Samos.

And we have time to sit still, or dance, or pray, or chant or do whatever, As we live our live, serve, create, make love, enjoy and do whatever

the moment offers.

All the rest is just writing on water.

Why do I need to make this public?

I am writer, a poet and a bard among other things.

maybe it helps and is useful for someone.

And if not

it is just another fb post.

Vulnerability is strength.

Pretence is weakness.

Go figure!

Have a Beautiful day Shining ones.

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Legal note

Samo is not a medical doctor. Although he works in cooperation with Doctors, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists his services, are wellness and spiritually oriented. They are intended for relaxation,


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