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Silent Gratitude

I am grateful.

I am grateful for the luxury of time.

Time to listen the sounds of the reading a of avoice of a Hafez.

Time to sit with my dog and smile and just be.

Time so write, chant, sit with all that is.

I am grateful for the time

to sit with all the madness

that threathens to engulf us all.

And after a long, deep silent thought.

I can go and do what is needed, or at least what I am able to.

I am grateful for the silence

and the heaven of my Home.

And the love of people, who love me eough, to leave me with my silence.

Maybe I come across as asocial,

as if I don't like poeple,

as if I am arrogant...

but the Truth cannot be more diffrent:

I LOVE people!

All people, all the time.

I just belive, the greatest gift I can give to them..

is that, which comes from the deep silence

and Great Solace of Alonenes..

From which all great art, beauty and compassion

were born from.

I am grateful to be the birther of worlds.

Even if, half of time

I have no idea




Thank you Life.

And may ALL of Life be blessed

with every silent


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