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Sleep of the little one

Sleep of the little one

"Chose freedom instead of needing to be understood" Kyle Cease

You know what,

you can rest,

little one.

There have been enough battles

fought lately,

and there will be more to come.

And if Armageddon comes;

that is ok.

You have been awaiting Ragnarok

since the day you were


And nothing could excite you more,

than another

good fight.

If that is required

to protect the pure,

and the innocent;

and make sure,

the little ones

are safe and sound.

For that, we know,

you are willing to pay any price,

cross any territory,

and do what is needed.

But for now,

rest little one;

For until the shining one inside you,

feels safe

nothing can commence.

So rest my boy,


It is time to put

your gentleness


the test.

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