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Starlight III

Starlight III

I have always been a sucker for divas.

Though myself being a barbarian, or to be honest, a middle class intellectual, who resented the whole super-structure of what the »modern« life was built upon.

And despite my anarchistic tendencies.

I have always been sucker for divas.

Because there is something so gorgeous, beautiful, and alluring at the light of a thousand stars, shining from a Sun that hides, behind her smile, more than a man can openly dream of.

And I have met my fair share of them.

I even tried to date one, actually I wanted to marry her (me who not utter that horrible world, for what I have seen of it so far).

Of course, it did not work.

I guess I can only bask in the light of a true Diva, in a romantic getaway, a fairly tale in the woods, or some Grand psychospiritual adventure, that is majestic, but has little to do with »normal life«

Well I despise(d) normal life to, but is another story.

But I have always been, and will stay, a sucker

For Divas.

And God bless them.

For our world (and my own private world for that matter) badly needs the light of a thousand stars and the Shining of the Sun of Suns

So that the World we know, is not plunged in darkness, too much, too often and too


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