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Dear ONE!

You have climbed out much darker holes, than this one.

You have come through much more intense blizzards,

than this one.

You have thrived with much, much less..

That what you have at your disposal.

Sure, the world may be a dark place,

at the moment.

But the stars don't compare,

one night

to another.

Nor do lighthouses banter,

on why the storm is so


Even if ,

you do not quite feel :


of your own true BEING.

You have walked in the Land of Ice and Fire.

And you traversed Lemuria.

And you crossed the Ocean,

the Sea

and the Sky.

To take that one hand,

That is, was, and always shall be

rightfully yours.

Take the Hand of the Holy One

Until you realize,

like Mawlana did..

That your left hand is merely shaking your right.

And in that place:



and all of the magical places you inhabit.

are one step and one conscious breath away.

Hidden in a grain of sand,

forming countless universes.

No matter how you feel like today.

Why not take this as just another


Like you have anything better to do :P

Walk the talk little one,

or else all you have preached, written and spoken

Really isn't worth

Shit 😊

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