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Story of an elf walking the fiery Path.

Story of and elf walking the fiery Path.

Because I sat on that pyramid and i felt the fire of the ancient ones and I knew that something BIG was up.

And I had no idea what was getting myself in into, and I was young and inexperienced and I wanted to play the hero.

And that didn't work.

And I payed my price.

And I am learning to be ok with that.

Before you approach anthers suffering, make sure you do it with respect.

And mostly offer silence, compassion and whatever is needed.


Still, despite it all, the fire was lit and magic has been awakened.

And the World has opened up.

And you little one, you had to walk the path of initiation, if for nothing else,

for the single reason to show, it is still there.

And other, if they so choose can walk it too.

Shaman is just a word and healer is an overused label.

But still ancient one : you have to become who you have come here to be.

at is all you need to know.

See you on the other side.

Samo Bohak 19.12.2021

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