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Story of Fire and Ice

Story of Fire and Ice

I sat there by the fire in a cafe in Reykjavik, actually, it was a lounge of a hotel, and I could sit there without spending much money, and it was warm and cosy, and I felt safe.

And I sat by the fire and I was warmed by th heat, and I did not know I would soon call in a whole tribe to come and sit there with me and I did not know how weird things will get, and how karma is funny thing...

But at that time

I felt good.

And I read my book, or listened to music or just observed the magic.

Because Iceland is the land of Fire and Ice and it IS Magic

And I knew, one day I would return, loaded with cash and courage and go and discover all the things, that scared the shit out of me, as I sat by that fire, seeking the inner peace, I desperately craved for, since as long as I can


To be continued ..

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