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Strength of gentleness

Strength of gentleness

Look little one!

You really need to learn

to be gentle

with yourself...

and the world around you.

It is highly recommended,

should you ever want to

touch upon,

that pure spring

of magic

in the neverneverland.

That is patiently waiting to be tapped


And more general,

little one,

all those high and lofty stories,

of power and glory,

that awaits you.

On this or that



Are of course


and inspiring,

but if you cannot,

daily struggle with yourself,

in total surrender

to every present


All the battles and glorious

wars of ages and eons,

are not worth

a broken, barren penny.

And single gentle smile of the Buddha,

accomplishes more.

Than a thousand unsung heroes

who are probably just waiting,

to be put to rest.

So they can go

and dedicate themselves

to the next grand


And the fact you fall for Valkyries...

is just

a part

of who



Nothing wrong with a good fight.

Just make sure,

your mind is clear,

your heart is open,

and that courage trumps fearm

when the trumpets of doom


and Ragnarok


Now forgive yourself!

All of it!

It is just dead weight,

serving nothing

and no one.


make sure,

you are there,

standing up to be counted,

at the rising


the Moon!

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