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We came from the ancient days,

we respect the ancient ways.

We came from the deep dark forest

and we brought magic,


and fame.

We are the ancient warriors of the past

we are the strength of your future.

We who have kept the ancient wows.

We who ate and milked,

the sacred cows.

The ancient blades shine once more,

the raven screams :



We are fire,

we are water,

we are love,

in the here

and the



The oak,

the elder

and the linden tree

Who are you

who are we?

As the question

and the answer will come.

Alone you are not,

the wow once made

shines like

the SUN.

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Samo is not a medical doctor. Although he works in cooperation with Doctors, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists his services, are wellness and spiritually oriented. They are intended for relaxation,


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