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"I first met Samo on one of his healing sessions in Maribor and was fascinated by his ability to hold space for the group and to be such an openhearted healing channel for all of the participants. Although I did not know what to expect on the session, he made me very comfortable and I felt safe to let my guard down. I had the feeling that he has an incredible connection with the spiritual realm and that he knows exactly what he is doing. He also offered me help when I most needed it and helped me get a different perspective on a topic that was bothering me for a long time. His intuitive poems are also very powerful too. Samo, thank you for being you and trying to make this word better."

Maja. L. Maribor

"Knowing the man Samo Bohak, it gives me great pleasure to read his written words. Like everything he does, it comes from his magnificent heart. The fact that English is not Samo's first language, adds a wonderful dimension to his personal illustration of feeling, through the words he chooses. Enjoy the unique Magick Samo weaves in this, his first of many books." Dr. Ann Donnelly MB MRCGP

"Samo's expression through his poetry has a way of igniting magic within the soul, taking the reader on a journey of self reflection and self exploration. He is a channel for spirit, reminding us of our natural born connection to nature, to God, to our own sacred divinity. Samo creates an existence where transformation and healing is totally possible and available at our finger tips."

Tammy Bergen, Volva, Yoga teacher, Herbalist


My core and cellular healing session with Samo was unique and brilliant. I came in with a general knowing of what it was that needed shifting, and as the session continued, I was able to pinpoint the words that needed to be said. I walked away with even more self-confidence and in charge of my life in a whole new way.

Samo holds a generous, open hearted space with absolutely no judgement. This is the most essential part of being a space holder, a facilitator of people’s healing journeys. The ‘healer’ holds the sacred cauldron for that transformation, and Samo does it naturally. I am so grateful to have been able to receive this work.


"I resonate more to some of Samo's poems, than others. Yet for me they are a bridge to a different type of conversation, one more subtle, mythical and mystical in it's form, that brings back the stillness of being or invite me to a deeper contemplation."

A.C. Romania

It was approx 4 years ago when I first met Samo. During these years I saw him as a man filled with fire, passion, light plus fast and deep understanding of the dynamics happening nearby or in the world plus creative, open, driven by energies plus happy to support people in need at the same time present in physical and spiritual world. Gladly suggest to anybody to try Samo’s healing works and see what will change

Judith, Hugary

"While being on this unique self-discovery journey, seeking for some beauty to nurture my soul, the Universe sends me Samo’s poetry..with words dancing in a beautiful bardic rhythm, spreading magic all around..words that have the power of speaking straight into the heart's essence..and I realize I just discovered a new way of inner healing and transformation" Varvara Paraschaki - Greece

I attended a few of Samo's sessions online poetry and healing in 2020 and 21. Samo communicates with his Art a strong message of the beauty in the world and in our lives no matter what challenges we face. I worked on some deep issues in some sessions and his approach was respectful, humble yet strong and direct . I felt empowered with more clarity and more at home in myself. With sincere thanks EDF 😊

"Samo Bohak takes us on a journey of eclectic thought and realised insight. His evidential wish to help the reader develop greater understanding by bringing to light some of the simple wonders and possibly some of the less favourable realities of life, yet always striving to enlighten the reader as opposed to either comforting or upsetting them aiming to aid them in finding a balance. "

With a simple yet to the point writing style the reader gets strong idea of some of the pressing matters that appear to be on the forefront of the writer's mind. Presented in his unique style.

Cathal Griffin. Dublin, Ireland.

TESTIMONIAL for Crystal healing from the lineage of King Solomon (Modern, Mystery School): "I received this amazing healing. I felt deep clarity and powerful energy. The crystals are profound. I was buzzing for the day, beautiful blessing and protection for my future.." Highly recommend this session.

Emmet Griffin, Ireland

TESTIMONIAL for Crystal healing

The treatment is very deep and healing, after it I felt calm, empowered and full of joy. I highly recommend it. - Tjaša

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Samo is not a medical doctor. Although he works in cooperation with Doctors, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists his services, are wellness and spiritually oriented. They are intended for relaxation,


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