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The »AND«

The »AND«

I think I am slowly getting it.

Not mentally,

Not spiritually (whatever that means)

But experimentally.

It is all about the »and«

I am kind hearted individual AND I am a crazy psychopath.

I am generous with money AND I am very selective with my time.

I am kind AND I am a raging madman,

I respect women AND I can be and evil bastard.

I like solitude AND i love good company.

I am all that I am, and my problem was/is that I was not willing to be whatever it takes, whatever is needed in a certain situation.

I release everyone from their duty to teach me.

I will be what I need to be, whatever the situation requires,

From this day onward this my maxim.,

With love and rage

Samo the madman

AND Valiant knight.

Go figure! :😊

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