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The Big Kahuna energy

The Big Kahuna energy

The final test of a Kahuna, (as it was reported to me,) when being initiated, he was to be thrown in the ocean with the sharks, spilled over with the pigs blood,..

And left there..

And then... if he was a true. Kahuna, he would, KNOWING he is one with the Sharks

DECIDE not to eat thimself.

And if he wasn't..

He was a dish for the fish.

Or we can think of Jean Luc Piccard, when facing the Borg,insisteing on soveregnty.

And found a way out.

Or McGywer, or whatever hero you like.

It might be time for that energy, and where we don't posses it, we perhaps need to aim to develop it:

or die trying.

For Death awaits us all.

Life however waits for nobody!

p.s. i do not claim to possses any such energy, but it an inspiring ideal, a goal to set sail for!

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