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The Call and the Response

This one goes out to the Ancient Ones,

Those shining hidden lights that have kept the Fires Burning through this Long, Long, Long Dark Night.

All of those who have sacrificed everything, even forgetting who they were, for a Briel interlude,

so they could burst wide open like a Roaring Start when the Time is Right,

And the time has never been more apt.

To those who do not follow prophecies, but ENACT THEM

To those who don't follow religions, but EMBODY THEM.

To those who do not fall for ideologies, but go beyond, create their own, and make their life a testament to Truth, Joy, and Beauty,

even and especially in the thick of things.

The Fire was never put out.

The Pure ones are still smiling.

The Ancient ones are found everywhere.

The Gods and Goddesses are merely waiting,

for the veil to be-come thin enough for them

to enter.

The Elves are here as Guiding Lights, LIghthouses

Suns of Suns

bringing out the ancient Nature of who we truly


Stand tall ancient ones!

You are seen

You are LOVED

You are


And for the Love of God: Don't be afraid of the light that shines within


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