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The clear marble

The clear marble

And then you smile,

and it feels,

gentle ,

and open.

Because the violet brother,

told you,

something quite,


And it was the same thing

Hesse mentioned,

and what the little magician,

of you home town,

said few decades ago.

The game of marbles,

the truce between angels and demons,

the AND,

instead of or,

or any other stuff,

for that matter.

And you know,

even if ,

for just a moment.

And you don't really know it yet.

but you kinda do.

Cause there is no

I' don't know


(thank GOD!)

that purity cannot really,

be dirty

And it's the same


the couple spreading Light,

wrote a bit differently.

It is all the same,

and all different,

and it doesn't matter.

what you think of it.

The play of light and dark,

about to blow up,

is just a game

of marbles.

And your “job”

is to just LOVE


Which is what your teacher said.

So it is all coming together.

And that is pretty cool,

little one

isn't it?

Smile more, it befits your majesty!

And throw away your television

and your long


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