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The Dance of Ash - Ode to Shiva

Sometimes the dancer has to come to destroy anything that is not real.

And then it can be anything.




Conceptual realities,

Even old versions of your bodies that no longer serve you.

And it feels like you are simultaneously going mad and cracking open at the same time.

And it is a weird place to be.

As the Web of Wyrd changes

and new connections are being activated.

And when that happens, it is best to sit still, unless he calls you to dance.

Then you have no choice but to dance.

Sadghuru once said that meeting Shiva is like falling into an endless pit.

And I saw a tiny glimpse of it from afar, and I am beginning to realize what he meant.

It is the total destruction of all conceptions, deliberations, projections, and even well-meaning proprieties, such as:

Holy and Unholy.

Pure or Dirty.

Right and wrong.

Correct, and whatever the hell the other thing is...

It is beyond categorization.

It is beyond explanation.

And any attempt to limit that reality.

is simply incinerated.

For when the dancer opens his third


You better have nothing on your mind.

or it might feel like he is preparing a funeral pyre for you.

and in a way

he is.

HAIL to the Dancer

Hail to the one who sits and mediates on charnel grounds.

Hail to SHIV

the LIGHT.

And may we all become Shiva.

so we can learn to work at Shiva Property

as a mad tantric once


Om, Namaha Shivayah

Shivaya Namaho!

Till only silence


And then, and only then, can you begin



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