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The Duty of care

I care.

I care about Tibet, and Ukraine, and the Russians, who do not want to fight the war they don't even understand.

I care.

I care about the Bosnians, who have to deal with disrispect, after they went through hell, on a daily basis.

I care about all the downtrodded servants of the Light, who get up daily with a straight face, and do what is needed.

And no, some bullshit spiritual crapsheit on karma and all is well means less than a bite of a mosquito, as phrase from a wise Sheikh goes.

Caring is the easy part, for those who still have a heart.

Learnin to care, without a compassion burnout, that is a whole different story.

This is where non attachment and the wisdom of the vajra, thunderbolt of pure awareness comes in.

Some things cannot be destroyed, not by the warmongers, not by the Borg, not by anyone really.

They are too precious and too pure, to be able to be touched.

Go and find them!

Find them in the smile of an Afgani woman.

Find them in a smile of man selling you ice cream, or a guy passing you the burek.

Find them in the eyes of Warrior, who speaks up for his ancestors.

Find them, and let them find you.

That just might be the only hope

for all the poeple you care so deeply


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