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The Elven ways II

The Elven ways II

You know what:

Feck it!

It is time for fairy tales!

And princesses,

and warlocks,

and hidden forest huts,

and many magical and marvellous things.

For all of that feeds the soul

and contains wisdom.

The soooo important "life"

will wait patiently,

for when Truth decides to come to town

all stands still.

Like in the old days,

as you were told,

that even raging battles would immediately stop:

As the Wise one

stepped on the battlefield.

Perhaps we need old and even ancient


told anew,

by those who still hold the threads

that bind them to Source.

The keepers of stories.

Who are at the same time

keeping the stories,

and the stories keep them


Hail the ancient ones!

And no matter how busy or urgent

the matters at hand seems to be.

Make time for stories.

For if you don't,

Ireland has not taught you

a thing.

And you did not really understand

the message of the forest of Pohorje has to tel.

And all that sitting still,

is just ego posturing

And serves little to nothing.

Little one!

Allow the Stories of the green fields

to heal your battered soul.

And then go and tell your own.

For maybe this is exactly what the World


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