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The Feral girl :On primal attraction, Phoenix, rebirth, and possibilities

The Feral girl

On primal attraction, Phoenix, rebirth, and possibilities

He met her at a workshop.

As he did most of those gorgeous beings that were meant for him.,

And he was not ready for anything, really.

let alone to be open to something as sensitive as opening a heart.

And yet, despite all the resistance and the madness, he was getting used to living without.

Something told him to for it.

And he did.

And he tried really hard to take it slow,

And beautifully failed.

It was passion; it was primal urges; it was planets colliding.

And it was beautiful.

And it was better than He could even have imagined.

And slowly, it grew into something new.

Something he was not used to, but he was learning to love.

And she was the kind that could go through the trenches of all the wars he has fought if needed.

And he had many missions and places to go and Ways of finding himself.

And she had a mission of her own that she was still learning to accept.

Though there was not much choice.

And he loved her mind and her kinks, and she loved his.

And it worked.

If only they could let it all die and be re-born the next day.

It was a matter of letting the Phoenix glow, shine, burn, and be re-born every day.

And make every day, truly.

an adventure to be ravished.

It was all up to them

and God and Life

and following the gentle curvature of their hearts,

to take them both


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