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The flow of the Magic of Life

Magician's creed

As you bring Heaven to Earth,

relax, and know it is not about trying.

All has been written.

All you have to do, is do your part.

and keep Trusting!

Maribor 21.6.2024

If your Life is written to magic and magic is written in the very threads of the fate that the Norns have woven

and the heartbeat of your heart is the sound of the shaman's drum

and God has smiled upon you

know that there is not really much choice.

You can get your answers from the Cthonic gods of the earth, The Almighty Creators or they can come from anywhere, as the Grea Spirit, resides, permeates, and exists as


However, if your life is written in Magic,

all you have to do is to learn to follow the beat of the drum

and the whispers of the wind,

and the silence of Oaks.

If your life is written for the magic of Life to open you up and tear you open and dissolve the barriers between this world and the netherworld you can travel all 9 worlds

even though you have no idea why and no words to describe how.

it is good to learn some basic things.



And perseverance.

Surrendering to the Moment and the Truth of the moment, for it is the High Place of the Sacred NOW, where your loyalty must, can, and will stand,

All other connections, as deep and profound as they may be...

are secondary and temporary.

So little one, if your life is written BY Magic, and Magic is written in the notes of your Life...

know that the Gods will offer you chances...



And run with the options the Great MYstery has made available

and learn not to hesitate

not even

for a moment.

You do NOT have this luxury.

For if your life is written to Magic.

There is nothing to fear, not even fear itself.

For all your fear will come to pass, until you are so absolutely free

fear becomes your ally

and courage becomes your war cry-

For if your life is written to, for, and with Magic

You will hear the laughter of the Norns

and you will know what has been, is shall be, and what is forlorn...

From the first smile to the final breath.

Ride the Wind horse

and as you live beyond the odds, surpassing right and wring

make sure you pick a good


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