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The Gift of Solitude

The Gift of Solitude

And you will spend days alone.

Wondering if you are crazy, mad, or both.

And there will be days when the world will not understand you.

And you will not understand the world.

And you will not be able to make Peace with the world.

Nor will the world be able to

make Peace with you.

And there will be little Peace, and there will be chaos and universes colliding.

And nobody will understand.

Maybe your dog, or a flower, or God, or those who walked this path before you.

And those will be days of your greatest Learning.

And those will be the days of your greatest Growth.

And you will grow slowly and patiently, and naturally.

Like a flower.

Knowing that we all go at different speeds.

And a rose does not compete with a dandelion.

All in Nature is perfect, even the madness and the "badness!"

And grief and loss and, know my friend, that wandering is full of wonder

and not all who wander are lost.

Do not seek answers: BECOME THE ANSWER.

And let others find


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