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The good fight

The good fight

"Men who takes their orders from the Gods are unpredictable". "The Last Kingdom"

You do donwn fighting,

for all that is good and right.

And maybe,

just maybe...

yout get to win that honour

that poets speak of,

and bards cry out to the Gods.

You go down fighting,

agains insormuntable odds,

and mosntes, dragons and all kinds of

nefarious things.

You do down, fighting,

against all and everything;

inside and outside,

that would seek to dim your light.

On the battle field of Life.

You go down fighting

with an axe,

or with a sword,

or with a pen,

or a feather.

It matters not

how you pick the fight,

or for the fight

is awarded to you.

By the Allmighty.

Valhalla can be many things,

and maybe you don't have to


to get there.

If you are willing

and able,

to go down fighting

for what is right and good

and True.

And worry not, what that is.

Your heart will lead you,

to the good fight.

Your job is simply

to be ready.

And if not

tp make yourself ready.

The Raven flew over Cuckoo's nest little one.

Wether you stand with Odin.

Sit with Boddhisharma.

Or walk with Christ...

Get ready.

Ragnarok is in full


p.s. it goes without saying, that this is metaphoric, poetic decription of inner fight, and is by no means a call to any kind of violence..

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