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The human condition (on how to face the Storm)

The human condition

(on how to face the Storm)

I have been thinking about humans and the things we do to each other and call it Love.

Who needs hate if this is what do in the name of Love?

And about how mad I was when I realized, in my early twenties, that everybody is just winging it, and nobody has a clue about anything really.

Not only about the big philosophical questions, but also about everyday things, like how to relate and how to Live.

Some people knew a bit, but they were old and seen as special and holy.

I learned to idealize them and make them into saints.

Which they weren't, and then I could go on being angry and upset.

Until now, in my mid-thirties, I see I don't have a clue about anything at all.

I read all the books, had all the debates, and realized I haven't even started.

Even a decade of spiritual search and work on oneself only brought a realization of how little I have progressed and how every few years I start again.

They say it's a spiral. And on a good day, I choose to believe it.

Still, I guess the only thing I have learned is that humility is the beginning of wisdom.

But not no fake groveling on the floor “humility.”

That is fear and cowardice.

And it has nothing to do with wisdom or maturity.

Standing in the face of the storm, having no idea how to face it, or even being sure in the probability you might not make it...

But facing it anyway.

That is as much as I know.

And as much I aspire to.

And it scares me and sends me chills to my bones and creates knots in my stomach when I think how I and we all are going to face what is to come.

But We will do it anyway.

And if we survive,

we might acquire some wisdom,

or at least lose a lot of our fears.

Come what may.

Courage is a matter of the heart.

May it RISE!

With love and respect

Samo, the ignorant philosopher

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