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The Journey

The Journey

A Long time ago

I went to Ireland.

An I ended up, as usual at the Dervish bookshop.

It was an amazing bookshop, ran by a really nice man, I never met, but I heard spoken of him often.

And I still remember holding in my hands of the Autobiography of Jogi, a book I would read so many times in the coming years,

in so many various states of consciousness.

And then I wen to Iceland, and I watched a new temple to the Old Gods being built, and it took longer than they tought.

And I ended up having a lot of coffees and reading a book on Sufism.

I did seek out the elves, but was mostly scared of them most of the time.

And I went to many places, and met many face and I could write a book on that, and I think I just might (would you read it?),

But as much as enjoy exploring the world and all of it's facets..

The Truth is: the whole thing started a long long time ago by visiting a holy city, a city of many religions, many traditon many colours,

Where a mythical (but real) dervish, with his deep eyes invited me into a tekke, though I had no idea what it was.

He told me stories of war and how his Sheikh organised the defence of the city and invited me to come back later.

I came back and sat there, listening to their songs, wondering what I am doing there, and soon I cried my heart out..

And despite the factI cannot call myself a muslim, at least not traditionally...

I think that for every small step I make toward good, He makes a thousand steps towards me.

And I guess the main point is to keep walking.

Isn't that wat the Journey is all about?

(to be continued)

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