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The Journey

"Fear is only courage becoming known."

She moves me

You have to allow yourself to be taken up and Beyond by the Northern Wind.

You have to let go of ALL of your perceived limitations.

You have to risk sleeping on a park bench, though you will probably be invited to the magical places

by the messenger from the Mystery.

You have to live, like the people of great faith and reverence for their Imam, on a pilgrimage

to mourn his death, at Karbala, with nothing on them, nor with them, but the clothes on their bodies.

But more than that: May you be dressed and guided by the very LOVE they hold in their hearts.

You have to allow yourself to be invited by the southern Sea if that is the next place your Souls yearn for.

And you may wander and yonder from one Beauty to the next, as long it is required, and as long the All-Mighty has written for you.

For the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls, but first, they must be written and carved into your open, bleeding heart.

And it takes various things to people's hearts, and NO MAN is to judge what another man needs.

Your Life is YOUR exploration and a sacred, unspoken, but silently whispered covenant between you and the Beloved.

Ahd, wherever you go, you get to leave a piece of your soul so that others may be guided to start their own


Yes, the Treasure you seek is buried at home, but you MUST travel the world and the seven seas and seventeen sacred places so you can see what you have always held so dear,

and what is your heritage by Divine Law, the Commadnemn, that trumps all other considerations.

You need all this, you can see the Treasure which is an open heart and will awaken the hearts of Men in their yearning for Peace, for every single step

of the magnificent Journey you cal


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